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Why I Left Etsy

Hi everyone. Happy to see you here) Maybe some of you I already meet on Etsy. Than you may have a question: Why I moved from Etsy? Really, why, when my shop was flourished and I had a new customers every week. And one morning I was checking my mailbox. I found a lot of messages from you, that you can't process payment.

I was surprised. My direct checkout was not available. And this is after I sent all required documents to Etsy. There should be some mistake. So I contacted to Etsy Support. Then I started waiting for response. First day passed, then second, then third.. At fourth day I honestly tired of waiting. So I opened another Etsy shop and stored all my items there for you will be able to buy them. No longer after that I get the messager.( Wow! I realy stoped waiting.)

The message said:"..We unlink direct checkout at your shop because a lot of your account ip was not from your country.." Yes, it was. Because I'm not a tree, I'm a free person, I am a freelancer and I like to move. I have a lot of relatives in Europe and I visit them often. Never was a problem for me.

At present time I was staying at my mom house. I was helping her with my sick grandma. So I wright to Etsy support about it. And they responded:"..We are really sorry about your grandma. But can't help you. Because now you running your business not from country where your bank located.." So I write:"When I will back to my country, would you fix this problem and return to my Etsy shop direct checkout?" And they said:"Sure, we will. Just write to us messenge with title HIGHLY IMPORTANT."

After about two weeks I returned to my country and wright HIGHLY IMPORTANT message. Really a lot of time past, I started thinking, maybe message to Etsy get lost. And I write three more HIGHLY IMPORTANT messages. After that two of my shops get blocked. I change topic of messager on "I would like to meet you at European court". And got a response in a couple of hours. Message said:"..Etsy rules not allowed two shops with the same content". That as you remember I created when payment method at first one stopped working.

The thought that I'm talking with the wall came to me, so I wished good luck to Etsy support and stoped talking to them. Life is to short for spend it for stupid people. SO BYE BYE ETSY))) I feel much better without you arround!

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